Danzia Announces NEW Catalogs Ready for Online Viewing

Our team at Danzia is further showcasing our dancewear items by announcing two new catalogs that are now available for online viewing. Along with viewing our main catalog and costume catalog online, customers may still request a mailed copy.

Worship Clothes

Ewoomall launched some new products for those worshippers this month – Worship Clothes. As we know, the religious activities play a very important role in United States. So the worship clothes are widely used in church.

Our worship clothes include tops, dresses, skirts & pants, leotards and some accessories. They are mainly made from soft poly knit or matte jersey. We offer unique and elegant design and various colors of different item for everyone to choose. Our new-style worship clothes break the traditional worship clothes which are plain and lumpish with monochrome color.

Since the launch of worship clothes, they have been popular with most worshippers. The Tunic with Side Slits and Long Sleeve Praise Dance Dress are best-selling tops on ewoomall. They respectively feature spandex binding ties at the side and soft chiffon angel wings. You will look elegant and beautiful in these worship clothes. Also you can wear these worship clothes with our Isis Wings for worship dance, which will be an impressive dance to the audience.

What are you waiting for? Now most products on ewoomall are sold at a low price! Ewoomall will make more efforts to look for more good products for everyone. —– danzia.com

Our collection of worship dresses will make you dance in no time!

Worship is an act of religious praise usually directed towards God. The word is derived from the Old English worthscipe, meaning worth-ship or worthiness — to give, it’s simple, pure and worth to something.

Worship dance is the dance that is undertaken for specific purpose of religious worship.It’s one basic element of human expression, many of the world’s religions dance, and usually related with worship. Worship dance is one common form that people use to worship God today.

People worship with body,mind and spirit in specific dresses, like worship dresses, skirts and pants, worship tops, Leotards & Unitards and worship accessories. These worship dance dresses will express your desire to dance. Great for performing and practicing, our collection of worship dresses will make you dance in no time! Come to accentuate every move with our amazing collection of worship dance!

Isis Wing Helps Customers Make Impressive Worship Dance

Since the launch of Isis Wings on danzia.com in December 2011, the Isis wings dance costume has made a hit to our customers. Customers just love it! Look at the feedback from one of our customers, “Have purchased several times for our Church. Great service and product”.

Most of our customers buying Isis wings are for worship dance. They usually buy for a group of people in the church. Our wings are made of polyester and come with one pair of wooden sticks. The open wings makes it 119″ long from the end of left wing to the end of right wing. With the sticks, it is extremely easy to open the wings. Holding the sticks and slightly swinging the arms, the wings open. At the second the wings open, you are as gorgeous and as beautiful as angel! You can watch our Isis wings worship dance playlist on youtube.

We are dedicated to help customers their needs for worship dance. We now carry two major styles, closing back and opening back, with many different colors such as golden, white, silver, purple, blue, lime, pink, black, etc. We also bring in children size Isis wings.